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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Atrium - British High Commission Islamabad

Below is one in a series of projects I worked on for the British High Commission is Islamabad, Pakistan. The task was to re-brand and refurbish the High Commissions entire Main Office Building. 


The Atrium is the next space on the list of spaces in need of branding and refurbishment. All of the Stairwells and Offices lead off from the Atrium so it can be quite a busy space at times. 

The image below shows the Plan of a large part of the Atrium space, currently a glass office sits in the space where you can see seating but that is planned to be removed to open up the space. The Atrium is quite a dark and loud space so there are three main design changes I have chosen to introduce: 
  • A breakout space including furniture with acoustic properties. 
  • The use of 'Soft Cells' by Kvadrat which is an acoustic wall panelling. 
  • Eighty pendant lights which will hang at different heights like stars in a sky.  
The colour scheme chosen for this space is a shade of Burgundy from the FCO colour palette of approved pantone choices. This colour will be used in the furniture in three different opacities and on some of the walls. All of the pillars within the Atrium will be painted white rather than a colour. 

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