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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Graduate School - Project Office, Portsmouth School of Architecture

'Graduate School' was a project I worked on in a group of two whilst Interning for the Project Office at the Portsmouth School of Architecture. It was a project that was spread over a couple of months and was developed upon numerous times. It was the last project I worked on for the Project Office before travelling to Pakistan. The project involved re-designing the Universities Graduate School, the space was multi-functional and needed a brand to be created for it. As part of the University the Graduate School was not allowed its own logo and therefore we had to brand it in another way - using colour. Below are the images from the final presentation. 

Looking back on the project I wouldn't change anything about it, the idea for the design was perfect for the space. Some of the visuals within the presentation could have been developed though as they look quite rushed. 

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